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Последние добавленные компании:
  • testcom
    Our homepage attracted over 41 million unique visitors in June 2012, accounting for
    about 70% of the Russian internet audience in June 2012, according to comScore,
    and provides a gateway to the wealth of information available online. Users can find
    answers to their explicit questions through our search box, as well as their implicit
    questions through current news, weather and road traffic reports, TV and movie
    schedules, personal email and other services. Our homepage can easily be customized
    by users to address their individual interests.
    We derive substantially all of our revenues from online advertising. We enable
    advertisers to deliver targeted, cost-effective ads that are relevant to our users’
    needs, interests and locations. Most of our revenues are derived from text-based
    advertising, which uses keywords selected by our advertisers to deliver ads based
    on a particular user query, the content of a website or webpage being viewed, or
    user behavior or characteristics. We derive a smaller portion of our revenues from
    display advertising, which principally consists of graphical ads that appear on specific
    webpages. Our ads are clearly marked and are separate from our organic search
    results and from the content of the webpages on which they may also appear.
    We do not serve intrusive ads, such as ‘‘pop-ups,’’ that might detract from our
    users’ experience.
    In addition to serving ads on our own search results and other webpages,
    we deliver ads to the thousands of third-party websites that make up our Yandex
    ad network. Through our ad network, we generate revenue for both our network
    partners and us and extend the audience reach of our advertisers. Our Yandex.
    Direct service, the largest automated, auction-based system for the placement
    of text-based advertising in Russia, makes it easy for advertisers to bid for desired
    keywords and to obtain the best price for their ads. We served ads for more than
    193,000 advertisers in the second quarter of 2012, compared with more than
    144,000 in the second quarter of 2011, including many small and medium-sized
    businesses throughout Russia and the other countries in which
    we operate.
  • Transkontinental Транспортная компания
    услуги грузоперевозки переезды квартирные офисные грузчики по москве области россии доставка опасных грузов
  • Trans Chel Грузовладелец
    Компания «Trans Chel » осуществляет транспортные грузоперевозки по России, перевозки продуктов питания для магазинов, услуги грузчиков. Сотрудники нашей компании имеют большой опыт перевозки по России, в самые удалённые населённые пункты нашей страны, за годы работы также накоплен большой опыт поездок в Республики Казахстан и Белоруссии.
  • Truckinn Транспортная компания